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Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, and we are here to help. We will ensure it is also one of the most beautiful, relaxed, and well-planned events you, your families, and your friends have ever attended.


Founded in 2002,Jueshe is a professional and reliable wedding and event dresses retailer and supplier. It is located in Suzhou(very close to Shanghai),one of the most beautiful city in China. Our own brand "JUESHE" has registered at more than 30 countries all over the world. JuesheGowns  is our online retail website.

We design and make the highest quality handcrafted products including wedding dresses,bridesmaid dresses,mother of the bride dresses as well as various kinds of prom dresses,ball gowns,bandage dresses,evening dresses,etc.

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Quick Tips for a successful relationship torque

Start a life together is an exciting adventure. Despite that many couples face severe difficulties in their daily lives. We give you some basic rules to fill your life together.
Is there a key for successful relationships couple? Once married, how can we ensure that everything will go well and we will be happy together? We give you some tips for a successful marriage.

Start a life together is to share and engage with each other to live a new unit of torque. To do this, everyone must be well with itself. Whoever does not love can not be loved.
Although the female brain has the characteristics and needs of the human, both need security and mutual comfort. A good relationship is based on commitment, exchanging, giving as much as receiving. Try to optimize the interaction you: words, attention, emotions, physical contact etc. ...
Psychological research has shown that it takes five positive things to "erase" negative. Looking so nice 5 words or gestures for each negative attitude.
Find the balance between dependence and independence in your relationship. Dependence on each other is positive and seen as a sign of affection and commitment. But in the same sense, it is necessary and positive to maintain some independence movement and thought, have their own spaces, leisure, friends ... This "space of freedom" avoid the feeling of "imprisonment."
Do not consider anything for granted in your relationship. Although you thought you knew your partner to perfection, do not be afraid to ask again to make sure you have understood his intentions and desires.
Take action to get compliments from your partner, do not expect to receive spontaneously, arms crossed.
Do not be afraid to want and ask to be heard and show the gratitude and esteem when you get it. Remember that many men do not have the same susceptibility to conversations than women: they may need more time or more interior space.
Learn to negotiate with you. That everyone can say what he wants. Then try to work together in the same direction. Do not put aside your desires or your needs for the long term would lead to resentment.
Establish a "prime time". Spend at least half an hour a day and one day per month to a couple.
Work for a satisfying sex life. Your sex life will experience ups and downs during your marriage. If you realize that something is wrong, talk and reconfigure passion forgotten.

Celebrate your wedding anniversary
The anniversary is a very special day for all couples. You celebrate what you've experienced, but also what you have to live. It is also a way to remind you of when you said "yes."

All wedding anniversaries , the first is probably the most special. This is why we wanted to give you ideas for celebrating and all others to come.

It is more usual to keep a share of the wedding cake and freeze for later out and enjoy the first wedding anniversary. If you decide to do, do not forget to talk to the pastry cakes because some are more suitable than others for freezing.
That day, it would be very romantic lunch or dinner in the restaurant where you celebrated your wedding dinner . You remember precious moments and wear a toast for there to be many more.

Buying a gift for your other half is also a way to celebrate. This does not have to be something material. You can offer a new experience both as a first dive, drive a race car during a wine tasting, an activity to share together.
You can also plan a romantic getaway, even a few days, a weekend just for example. Enjoy intimate moments making you a little pleasure. How about a whirlpool bath with sparkling wine and strawberries? A massage in a spa? The most important thing is being together.

Unleash your imagination and celebrate love! That's all that matters. 

Different ways to celebrate the anniversary of your meeting
You met some time ago? The anniversary of your meeting is fast approaching and you are looking for an original idea to celebrate this milestone? Read the article!
It is true that marriage entails a lot of expenses, so it is normal that before hiring a provider for a particular service, you wonder if it is really necessary.

There is no generic formula every couple is different and unique, therefore it is essential for some may be secondary to the other, and vice versa. So you need to think about what you really want, without too be swayed by your surroundings and the conduct of other marriages.

All couples argue that the wedding pictures are essential, and that the engagement session is a good opportunity to meet and get to know your photographer to be more relaxed on the wedding day.

However, not all couples are not convinced they need to do a photo session trash the dress . If you're one of them, read this article to the end because we give you five good reasons not to miss a trash the dress:

Trash the dress is a great opportunity to reuse your wedding dress: after investing so much time and money to make your married look, it goes without saying that you want to enjoy it a second time.
If you have already made ​​your engagement photo session and your wedding photos, trust you to your photographer is up: this will allow you to be much more natural in the photos, enjoy sitting in your clothes married, without the stress of the wedding.
On the wedding day, everything runs at an impressive speed, so you may have not been able to devote the time that you wanted to make a good story photograph and you would like to have some additional photos holding married.
The weather may not have been on your side of your wedding day. If it rained, the sky was overcast and it was dark before, you may not be able to do a photo shoot for your wedding couple. So you have a second opportunity to take these pictures and keep great memories.
Finally, trash the dress is a unique opportunity to make original photos post-wedding it would be impossible to do on your wedding day. You can trash the dress at the beach , at the edge of a river or lake, trying to climb a mountain, you rolling in the sand or soil, horse ... and without fear that your clothes are damaged or strive.

If the wedding season is not yet (officially) launched, that of the collections of wedding dresses has started well. Many specialized companies, but also ready-to-wear brands to unveil their models for the brides of summer 2017. New entry in this small circle, the brand has unveiled its dresses Immaculate.

Six enchanting models placed under the sign of romanticism are invited in this line baptized  Atelier. Fitted with the trend of chic bohemian dresses (the princess froufrou's have decidedly tough life), the brand combines lace and embroidery for a vintage spirit.

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